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Small Steps Lead to Big Change

Carley Cox
I spent most of my life being overweight.

Traumas from my childhood were only relieved in the foods that I consumed. Disgusted by the idea that how I looked or what I wore was the reason my innocence was violated,

I was determined to change how I appeared on the outside.

The unhappiness inside manifested itself in weight gain.

Drug abuse was a short-lived weight loss plan. Reeling from the pain of having a trusted male figure in my life take advantage of me in ways that are unspeakable.

To say I was living an unhealthy life was an understatement...
Finding myself with a teenage pregnancy and a drug addiction problem I knew the life best suited for my tiny human was a life lived with a sober, financially sound family and the decision to place my precious baby girl up for adoption was made.

It takes time to heal from such trauma; and because my source of healing in the past was food and drugs, well, this story’s ending begins in exactly the manner you would assume.

Thankful for the love of family and friends, I began to seek help and find sobriety.  From sobriety, weight gain was endless. A second pregnancy followed - adding even more to my weight gain. I love being a mom and found joy in all the little places, however, I knew that my weight was beginning to interfere with the life I wished to lead with my son.

Roughly seven years ago a Mike Vacanti video was shared by a friend; he was talking about how your fitness now would affect you when you are a senior and that many seniors end up in assisted living homes because they cannot do a half rep of a body weight squat to get off the toilet.  I watched the video but didn’t hear the message that was being delivered.

A year later, that video was re-shared on social media and this time I listened.  This time I heard what was being said.  As I sat there, now weighing 210 lbs (I’m 5’3), I knew this was going to be me.

Something needed to change.

I started small.

Making little changes to my daily diet, reducing sugary snacks, drinks, and take-out.  We all know what those “better choices” are, and I began to make them. It became a “what can I add” instead of “what can I take away” and from just that small mindset shift I added healthy food choices, leaving little room for the bad food choices.

I was fueling my body in a way it needed to thrive and it was no longer craving junk food to feel satisfied.  It wasn’t until I began to feel good that I realized how terribly I was feeling before.  The digestion issues, the purging, the skin, hair, and nail issues. My body had been barely surviving on what it was being fed, but I was too naïve to know it at the time.

As the weight began to come off I soon found I had energy that needed to be released. I joined a local 9Round gym and fell in love - who knew punching and kicking things could be so therapeutic. From there I found a love for weight and resistance training, and I joined a local commercial gym.

With experience from my brother, who is a bodybuilder, I began to build confidence for the gym and a knowledgeable skillset for training and progressive overload.

I lost 90lbs, gained muscle, confidence, and drive. I have a passion for health, fitness, and movement; learning new skills and experimenting with exercise to ensure that what you are doing you love.

You will never know what you are capable of until you give it a try.

I am here for your success and can’t wait to connect with you!
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